:: saye nak join contest la...haish ^^ ::

.. salam alaik ..

hari nih time blogwalking kat blog the sour and the sweetness in our life..
ada terjumpa satu contest yang menarik..
aku terasa nak join..mehla.. ^^
info : klik la kat link nih brought to u by NJ-lens

How to enter?
Follow this steps:
  1. Be NJ-LENS follower.
  2. Link and put NJ-LENS banner in ur blog.
  3. Snap a close up photo of ur beautiful eyes with or without contact lens.
  4. Edit photos are acceptable.
  5. We only accept 1 photo for each entry.
  6. Write about this contest in ur blog.Put NJ-LENS link in ur entry.
  7. Put this Beautiful Eyes Contest banner in ur side bar.
  8. After joining, leave ur name, email & ur entry link at this comment box.

1st prize

a pair of GEO contact lens (any design)
1 cute hello kitty len
s case

2nd prize
a pair of GEO contact lens ( 1 tone design)

CLOSING DATE : 24 Aug 2010


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