Alhamdulillah,masih bernyawa hingga ke saat ini
dalam nikmat ISLAM & IMAN

ehem..hari ni LOLA FLORES di google
sapa dia?

María Dolores "Lola" Flores Ruiz (21 January 1923 – 16 May 1995) 
was a Spanish singerdancer, and actress.

Lola Flores, a native of Jerez de la FronteraCádiz (AndalucíaSpain
was an icon of Andalusian folklore and Spanish Gypsy culture, recognized throughout Spain as well as internationally. Flores was not a gypsy herself but identified strongly with the Roma people and culture and eventually married into a Gitano family.[1] She did, however, acknowledge that she had been told her maternal grandfather was of Romani extraction.[2][3] She became a famous dancer and singer of Andalusian folklore at a very young age, performing flamencocopla, and chotis and appearing in films from 1939 to 1987. She experienced her greatest success performing in folklore shows with Manolo Caracol, who was her artistic partner until 1951.

haa..sekarang korang dah tau sejarah si Lola Flores ni

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