30 March 2015


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masih bernyawa hingga ke saat ini
dalam nikmat ISlam & IMAN

korang dah buka GOOGLE ka hari ni??
apa yang ada ??

wel..kalau korang dah buka ,
sure korang nampak icon menarik kat paparan google

macam biasa la,kalau ada paparan menarik,
sure la ada peristiwa menarik disebaliknya
jom cekidaut

hari ni ulangtahun ke 126  pembukaan rasmi Eiffel Tower kepada umum
iaitu pada 31 mac 1889!


1. Elevators Weren’t Ready for the Tower’s Opening Celebration

                                                      Gustave Eiffel
The tower, which is 324 meters (984 feet) tall, was designed by French entrepreneur Gustave Eiffel and engineers Maurice Koechlin and Stephen Sauvestre. According to History.com, the tower’s elevators were not ready when the Eiffel Tower opened to the public March 31, 1889.
The Eiffel Tower’s website says Eiffel climbed the 1,710 steps of the tower to plant the French flag at the top. He was joined on the climb by members of the city council of Paris and reporters. A 21-cannon salute marked the occasion. According to the tower’s website, Eiffel inscribed in a woman’s fan “the French flag is the only one with a 300 meter pole.”
A celebration with council members, other dignitaries and about 200 workers who helped build the tower was held at its base.
The elevators were a significant technological challenge for the tower’s engineers and they were considered a great achievement, according to the tower’s website. Hydraulic lifts were used to bring guests up and down the tower.

French engineer Gustave Eiffel with some dignitaries on the small platform at the tip of the Eiffel Tower during the Dedication ceremony

2. The Idea for the Tower Was Born Out of a Competition

The Eiffel Tower and the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1889

The tower was commissioned as part of a competition by the Journal Officiel to “study the possibility of erecting an iron tower on the Champs-de-Mars,” according to the tower’s website. The proposal by Eiffel, Koechlin and Sauvestre was selected out of 107 entries.
Construction began in January 1887 and took five months for the foundation to be built. About 100 workers in a workshop and 132 on site used 5,300 drawings from engineers to build the tower, which has more than 18,000 parts. The tower was completed in two years and opened to the public in 1889.
3. The Tower Was a Controversial Project

 A bird’s eye view of the Paris Exhibition Buildings and Grounds near the Eiffel tower. Original Publication: Illustrated London News – Supplement – pub. 1889

According to History.com, the idea of the tower was met by many critics, who either saw it as structurally unsound, or as an eyesore in the middle of the city.
The tower’s website says artists from around Paris sent a letter to a newspaper protesting the tower’s construction before it opened to the public. They wrote:
We, writers, painters, sculptors, architects, passionate lovers of the beauty, until now intact, of Paris, hereby protest with all our might, with all our indignation, in the name of French taste gone unrecognized, in the name of French art and history under threat, against the construction, in the very heart of our capital,
of the useless and monstrous Eiffel Tower, that public spite, often marked by good sense and a spirit of justice, has already baptized the Tower of Babel.
Without becoming hotheaded or chauvinistic, we have the right to loudly proclaim that Paris is a city without rival in the world. On its streets, its widened boulevards, the length of its admirable embankments, along its magnificent walks there will suddenly appear the most noble monuments ever fashioned by human genius. The soul of France, creator of masterpieces, shines from this majestic flowering of stones. Italy, Germany, Flanders, so justly proud of their artistic heritage, possess nothing comparable
to ours, and in every corner of the universe Paris calls forth curiosity and admiration. Are we to let all that be debased?
Eiffel fought off the protesters. He responded in a letter of his own:
I will tell you all that I think, and all that I hope. For my part, I believe that the Tower will have its own beauty. Do people think that because we are engineers, beauty plays no part in what we build, that if we aim for the solid and lasting, that we don’t at the same time do our utmost to achieve elegance? Are actual conditions of strength not always compatible with the hidden conditions of harmony? The first principle of architectural aesthetics is that the essential lines of a monument should be determined by it fitting perfectly into a setting. But what condition did I need to address in the case of the tower? Resistance to wind. Well, I maintain that the curves of the four groin vaults of the monument, based on calculations, starting with the enormous and unused footing at the base, are going to taper up to the summit, will give a great
impression of strength and beauty, because they will convey to the eyes the boldness of the conception in its totality.
As the tower’s website says, “time alone always proves the final judge.”

4. The Tower Was the Centerpiece of the Paris World’s Fair in May 1889

A small cannon is fired from the Eiffel Tower at noon, the whole of Paris telling the time by the blast, circa 1889.

The tower was commissioned to coincide with the opening of the Paris World’s Fair (Exposition Universelle), a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.
The exposition opened in May, with the Eiffel Tower serving as the entrance to the fairgrounds. The elevators were completed by the end of the May, but more than 30,000 visitors took the trek up 1,710 steps in the days after the tower officially opened to the public.
Millions of people visited Paris during the World’s Fair.

5. The Tower Was Going to be Destroyed After 20 Years, But Was Saved by Science

Eiffel Tower in 2015.

According to History.com, the 20-year lease on the land by the exposition expired in 1909, but the tower was saved because of its usefulness as an antenna for radio transmission. Eiffel encouraged scientific experiments using the tower, and that spared it from destruction.
The tower, which was the largest building in the world until the Chrysler Building opened in 1930, welcomes more than 7 million tourists each year, with 75 percent coming from foreign countries, according to its website. Two levels of the tower now include restaurants.
In addition to being one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions, the Eiffel Tower remains important to the world of science and technology. Radio and television stations still use the tower to broadcast their signals.
Also, two new wind turbines were recently installed in the Eiffel Tower, 400 feet off the ground,according to The Verge. The turbines provide enough electricity to power the tower’s first floor commercial areas and serve as a symbol for local efforts to be more environmentally friendly.


semoga info ini sangat bermakna untuk anda semua
tambah ilmu ^^

29 March 2015


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rasanya macam dah lama tak jenguk nuffnang
maklumlah,dalam seminggu ni
yong agak bizi dengan rutin harian

hari ni pagi-pagi buta dah menjenguk nuffnang
wowee..berderet masyukkk cpuv dari nuffnang

tq nuffnang
korang pun..apa lagi
kalau ada iklan tu
sudi-sudi la klik-klik ye ~

terima kasih ^^

24 March 2015


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alhamdulillah,masih benyawa hingga ke saat ini
dalam nikmat ISLAM  IMAN

malam tadi ada majlis KERIAN BERSELAWAT
habib syeikh Qadir asSagaf datang kerian oit!

majlis ni adalah julung-julung kali dibuat di daerah Kerian
maklumlah,selalunya majlis berskala besar camni buat kat IPOH saja
memang tak sampai la kalau ipoh nun
lebih kurang 2 jam lebih jugak nak sampai kalau dari sini

disebabkan kali ni buat kat sini
kat bagan serai ja
jarak dari rumah pon dalam 20 minit ja
berkesempatan la yong menjenguk suasana

actually,majlis ni 3 hari
ada dengan qasidah dari 10/3/2015
kemuncaknya malam tadi 12/3/2015 habib syeikh turun berselawat sekali

lepas maghrib yong & mak bersiap-siap
even dari lepas asar pun dah fenuh newsfeed dalam FB oleh warga kerian 
yang dah bertandang di mini stadium bagan serai tu
jalan jem jangan cakap la..sepanjang-panjang jalan 

alhamdulillah,kami jumpa port cantik & mudah untuk paring kereta
and jalan sikit untuk ke stadium

yang paling hepi mestilah si kecik ni
yong tanya dia nak pi mana
dia jawab 

overall siti zubaidah sangat behave 
tak da terkinja-kinja melompat
or guling-guling nak itu ini
nak beli mainan ka apa 

kalau camni punya perangai
ummi boleh bawa lagi ^^

sampai rumah pukul 11.30 malam~


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masih bernyawa hingga ke saat ini
dalam nikmat ISLAM & IMAN

hari ni..hari yang paling dinanti oleh semua kakitangan awam..
sebab ??

hari ni hari gaji maaa

heksaited tak hengattt
kemarau panjang
last month gaji awal..18 feb dah masuk gaji
pastu merangkakk menanti gaji 25 mac

selamat berbelanja ye kawan-kawan
pastikan setel bil-bil yg perlu dahuluuu

22 March 2015


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alhamdulilla..masih bernyawa hingga ke saat ini
dalam nikmat ISLAM & IMAN

hari ni kembali bertugas setelah seminggu bercuti
dok rumah berkepit ja dengan siti zubaidah
sampai malam tadi sembang dengan dia
bagitau esok ummi nak pi sekolah
dok rumah dengan tok
dia nangis..dia cakap nak ikut
pagi-pagi ummi keluar pi sekolah
siti zubaidah dok mengeroh lagi..

dah 2 malam siti zubaidah tak mau minum susu sebelum tidur
rutin harian kalau nak tidur memang bancuh sebotol kecil tu
malam semalam zubaidah cakap tak yah bancuh
ummi bancuh jugak 3oz
bukan apa,satgi dah masuk dalam bilik mula la nak susu
nak kena keluar bancuh pula..

tapi,memang dia tak minum ponnn

so,malam tadi dia cakap takmau
yong tak bancuh
dan dia memang masuk tidur terus

pasni leh stop susu dah kot~

19 March 2015

Segmen Pencarian Bloglist April - Mei 2015

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بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 
(Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Penyayang)

Segmen ringkas untuk mencari 15 blog untuk disenaraikan dalam bloglist Truly Love. 

Syarat Penyertaan:

1. Follow blog Maria Firdz

2. Follow +Maria Firdz dan like page ni:
3. Buat entry bertajuk "Segmen Pencarian Bloglist April - Mei 2015"
4. Copy coding di bawah dan pastekan di ruang HTML new post.

Kredit: Mialiana.com

5. Publishkan entry dan tinggalkan URL penyertaan di ruangan komen entry ini sahaja.

Segmen bermula  20 Mac 2015 hingga 30 Mac 2015.

Kesemua pemenang akan dipilih melalui random.org.

Jom sama-sama memeriahkan segmen ringkas ini.. 

Terima kasih atas sokongan semua... 

Happy blogging (^_^)

16 March 2015


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alhamdulillah,masih bernyawa hingga ke saat ini
dalam nikmat ISLAM & IMAN

hari ni nak berstory tentang toilet training SITI ZUBAIDAH..
dia pun dah umur 3 tahun (genap 3 tahun bulan 9 ni)
makanya,sekarang cuti sekolah
ingat nak off kan pampers dia

setiap 15 minit/30 minit yong akan tanya dia
' nak kencing dak?'
dia akan jawab ' tak mau' atau 'nak tandas'


berjaya even tak 100%
time dia tidur dalam buai tengahari
yog letak kain siap-siap kat bawah buai
memang basah baq ang!

tahniah anak ummi
esok kita buat lagi tau~

09 March 2015


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Hari ni nak update entry yang tertangguh 
masih mengenai percutian sekeluarga di LANGKAWI

kali ni nak story mengenai ISLAND HOPPING
yong dan adik decide taknak mangroove
sebab adik ada pengalaman tak best time mangroove
macam rombongan katanya
penerangan punya la meleret
yong okei ja sebab time tu mangroove dengan abang member
abang dia memang dok kerja bawa orang magroove
best sebab leh tengok sangkar ikan tengah laut
even best..kami tak pi sebab nak ke pulau dayang bunting
dok dengar cerita orang ja
nak jugak jejak

actually sebelum datang langkawi
yong ada survey dalam internet
tapi macam banyak sangat pilihan
bila kami turun feri kat jetty
dah ada orang offer
sorang rm40
adik pon book siap-siap

makanya..hari kedua
pagi-pagi breakfast dulu kat gerai 
pastu terus ke kuah untuk tunggu bot

ramai jugak la
sebab ada dalam 4 bot
bot kami pun dalam 10 orang+ kanak-kanak 4 orang

1st destination ke PULAU BERAS BASAH
best sangat sebab boleh mandi manda
time ni angin pun kuat
and bila dah masuk dalam air
sejukkkk rasa air dia
selalu masuk dalam laut rasa suam
yang ni rasa sejuk

seronok la siti zubaidah boleh tengok lottt (laut)

lepas ke pulau beras basah
kami tunggu bot dan terus ke PULAU SINGA BESAR
kat sini takda turun laut pun sebab just aktiviti tengok burung helang
bagi makan..ada la orang bot tu bawa perut ayam untuk makanan helang-helang 


lagenda gilerrr tempat ni
some say ramai yang ke pulau ni untuk mengandung
tapi,,tu kepercayaan karut
bab mengandung ni rezki ALLAH
mohon pada DIA

and ada beberapa versi tentang pulau dayang bunting ni
kalau korang nak tau
pulai ni berbentuk seperti wanita hamil yang sedang berbaring

ada yang kata sebab ditegur SANG KELEMBAI
jadi batu..

ada pula kata lagenda nya tentang suami isteri yang kematian anak
anaknya mati hari ke 7 dan ditanam di dasar tasik
korang google la ye..hehee
boleh klik sini ye

nak ke tasik dayang bunting ni
mencabar jugak
nak kena panjat - panjat
tapi laluan dia besar..santai ja
mak memang tak naik la..sakit lutut
kalau ikut mengah memang yong pun malas
tapi bila fikir pasni tak tau bila lagi nak sampai
dah alang-alang sampai..gagah jugak naik
siti zubaidah jalan jap pastu tokwan dukung

jom layan gambar-gambar di sana

selamat datanggg

haa..nampak dahhh tasiknya
tengok,tasik ni area 'kepala' wanita mengandung tu..hehe
kat tengah-tengah tu dia buat satu kolam kecil untuk kank-kanak
ada lantai..yang sekeliling tu terus masuk dalam tasik
maknanya terus terju & dalam
bukan macam pantai ada pasir dulu

yong just mandi dengan zubaidah dalam kolam kanak-kanak tu ja
teringin nak turun kat tepi tu tapi seriau pun ada
biasa la..dah ada anak kecik ni
malas pun ada,adik ja yang mandi kat tempat dalam tu

okei..puas mandi..kena mendaki balik...

muka BERJAYA !!!!

 alhamdulillah..setel untuk hari ini 

best !


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hari ni nak sambung bab percutian family di LANGKAWI

lepas ja masuk barang kat hotel,rehat-rehat solat jap
terus adik ajak naik cable car
even letih,setuju jugak sebab esok boleh buat aktiviti lain pula

kami sekeluarga pun terus ke tempat cable car
niat di hati nak naik la jambatan kat atas tu
dulu time muda remaja pernah dah naik cable car 
tapi tak naik pun jambatan gantung tu..
sekarang ni rasa macam menyesl pulak dulu tak naik..
dok bajet boleh naik la kali ni..malangnyaa
jambatan tu masih under construction
tak tau bila nak siap
dah 3 tahun woooo

muka-muka eksaited nak naik..mak cuak jugak

oh ya,kali ni ada satu kubah dibina area tempat beratur tu
maknanya sebelum naik kereta kable tu kita akan rehat jap dalam kubah tu
naik roller coaster..real kott rasa dia even dia adalah tayangan sahaja
ada la pening jugak rasa..heheh

tayangan ni dipancar ke atas kubah tu
nampak real macam bumbung dia terbuka
nampak langit

beratur nak naik cable car

siti zubaidah pun dah mula cuak
tokwan risau sebab dia dah mula takut
untuk pengetahuan
time kami naik tu area pukul 5 petang
angin kuat oit !!!

Memang merasa la kereta kabel tu bergoyang
angin masuk melalui tingkap atas tu..sejukkk dan seramm

even dengan angin kuat
still yong la yang paling best
sebab buat sesi fotografi dengan adik

sebab kami naik pun dah petang
boleh la tengok matahari terbenam
tapi takda la kami stay sampai kelam

sekian ^^

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